Iram Zia Raja

Translating Traditions & Transforming Textiles
11th-15th June 2015

An exhibition by Iram Zia Raja titled “Translating Traditions, Transforming Textiles” was inaugurated on 11th June 2015 at Zahoor Ul Akhlaq Gallery NCA. Eminent writer, Intezar Hussain did the honor of inaugurating the show. Iram Zia Raja is an Associate Professor and head of the textile department at NCA. The works on display consisted of abstract collages and paintings woven entirely from zarri and thread. Meticulous in detail and execution, the mosaic of colors and forms had a jewel-like quality that made them glow from a distance they resembled tiny tesserae that glinted in the light as one walked past them. Interspersed with forms that resembled kufic text and painstakingly stitched together, the works referenced history and time, entrancing viewers. Professor Iram Zia has recognized the evolution and hybridity of culture as a mirror of times we live in and bearing this in mind, her textile paintings reflect a balance between local and foreign, original and imported, old and new. In this contemporary view of tradition she has, as a way of paying homage to a bygone era, looked at designs from the past and modified them in such a way that they signify the artist’s view of the world, particularly the world of art. Many notable personalities were present on the occasion who appreciated the work. The exhibition continued till 15th June 2015.