Current Exhibition

Silent Horizons
14th Nov. - 24th Nov, 2023

Silent Horizons

The National College of Arts hosted the opening of distinctive solo exhibition, “Silent Horizons: A journey through brush and soul" by Barkaat on November 14, 2023. Barkaat's artistic resilience, forged through a life-altering brain injury during his tenure as a chartered accountant, unfolds in this solo exhibition. The artworks narrate a compelling story of personal growth and creativity in the face of daily challenges as a person with special needs.

The event featured a talk session moderated by Dr. Arshia Qasim; Neurologist and Art Therapy Expert, with speakers including Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri, Pride of Performance Artist Prof. Dr. Ajaz Anwar, Ambereen Siddiqui, Dr. Anam Najam, Dr. Seemi Sadia, Ahmad Hasnat, and Ahmer Mallick. It promised to be a celebration of Barkaat's indomitable spirit and artistic prowess, fostering dialogue and inspiration for visitors from diverse backgrounds.