A Hundred Valleys
To trace the story of the artistic evolution
of the new cashmere scarf by Pasha
22nd Dec - 23rd Dec 2023

Hundred Valleys

The Zahoor Ul Akhlaq Gallery at National College of Arts hosted a one day exhibition ‘A Hundred Valleys’, capturing the essence of Kashmir's craft and the heritage of Miniature painting. The exhibition unfolded the artistic evolution of Pasha Fabrics' new cashmere scarves, showcasing the beauty of collaboration between art, craft and industry guided by visionary patronage. While Salima Hashmi introduced the harmonious blend, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri expressed honor in hosting this enlightening event. A one-day spectacle featuring process artwork, audio-visual content, live discussions, and the sublime end product the ‘Pasha Cashmere Scarf’ in a spectrum of colors, was open to all the students and public.