Mera Safar
5th November, 2020 - 19th November 2020

An exhibition “Mera Safar” was held on Thursday, 5th November 2020 at Zahoor Ul Akhlaq Gallery, NCA.

The process of travelling is an exercise in collection and influence.

The stories collected by the individual extend the lexicon of his milieu. Transcendence forms milestones, a moment lingers in the mind, a place endlessly inspires, and experiences melt into consequences that define the self. Over time, these stories collect and become the fabric of his story: his defining and outstanding narrative. Life itself can then be seen as a journey through time.

At the inception of his journey, the artist’s experiences lead him into willful eccentricities that may raise unkind questions about the cogency of his later triumphs. These markers are varied in their effect, eliciting apathy from some, whilst providing endless impetus for others. These defining moments in an artist’s journey, framed in a medley of abstraction and fulfillment, are his safar — Mera Safar.

Highlighting milestones and defining pitfalls, Mera Safar surveys the journey of the artist’s current predicament. Sixteen artists come together and reflect on the ongoing path that delineates the present structure of their practices, conceptualizing the thought process that molds and defines their outlook, psyche, and imperatives. Past struggles and current stimuli etch out the contours of the artist as an individual and define the path to understanding his praxis.

In the March of 2019, ‘Mera Safar’ traced the lives and creative journey of sixteen inspirational artists at the Koel Gallery in Karachi. After KOEL, ‘Mera Safar’s logical destination was Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery in the National College of Arts which was the centre for the nurturing and flowering of these artists, many of whom in turn are now the Ustaads to many Shagirds. It commenced on the 5th of November followed by an artist talk in the Fountain Courtyard situated right in the heart of the college.

The exhibition stemmed from the idea of documenting a connection between artists hailing from Sindh; most of whom are noted globally for their incredible contribution towards Art. These profiled artists belonged to the same tradition, culture and soil. A region rich in tradition, culture and creativity, Sindh has produced artists who have specialized in a multitude of art forms and broken barriers.

These artists specialize in traditional, modern, contemporary and neo-contemporary art forms, as they continue to honour their heritage, paving a path for the next generation of artists from Sindh, Pakistan.

The exhibition continues till 19th of November.